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Thành viên từ, 09/12/2020
3B Floor, Ree Tower, 9 Doan Van Bo, Quận 4, HCMC
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Giới thiệu về công ty We were founded as Consumer Finance Division of Vietnam Prosperity Joint-Stock Commercial Bank (VPBank). In 2015, we successfully transferred to an independent company with the Brand FE CREDIT. Since then, we continuously have been enlarging and taking the leadership of consumer finance market in Vietnam. Our success is built on serving the best sake of our customers; we are keen on designing new products with add-on values to customers with our philosophy of Fast and Easy.We have long nourished the determination to professionalise our operations. We embrace a strong organisational culture with a shared aspiration and values which allows us to act as a united and focused company.FOCUS – UNITY – SIMPLICITY – OWNERSHIP

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  • Đã xác minh
  • Tổng số nhân viên
    10.000 - 15.000
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